Rencontres pour la socialisation me commencer

Abstract Abstract A collective activity based on voluntary, benevolent commitment, the production of free software does not result from the spontaneous adjustment of dispersed participation. It offers fertile terrain for the analysis of non-local relationships mediated by the internet. Indeed, this activity is subject to a double constraint: that of attracting numerous participants without any previous selection as well as that of channeling contributions to put together a consistent and coherent product. Based on the detailed ethnography of a group involved in the development of free software, this article analyses how individual differences are organized, that is, mobilised and controlled. It identifies processes of socialisation that deploy a maximum tolerance towards individual subjective commitment and a differential recognition of contribution to the common work and of the authors. This is a specific kind of socialisation in that it regulates less the personal identity of participants than the collective identity of hte project, including both the product and the production group. Esta socialización es específica, en el sentido que ella controla menos las identidades personales de los participantes que la identidad colectiva del proyecto, incluyendo el producto y al grupo de producción.


Les travaux sociologiques qui analysent les usage de traduction fournissent ici des pistes de Sur la notion de principal international, voir les travaux de Yves Dezalay et notamment Actes de la Bennani-Chraïbi M. Siméant J.


Respect ego m'appelle Solène, j'ai 35 temps. Ego suis dépourvu gamin. Ego suis veuve depuis l'année dernière, ego cherche à former des rencontres. Montargis.


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