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Elmwoodrue Main Moncton, N. E1A 2X8 Shédiac, N. E4P 2C6 Tél. More 18, prom. On a dû ajouter des représentations à certaines acti- vités au cours de ces six jours de festivités.

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More Pfizer shots will arrive in 2nd quarter than originally planned: Trudeau Canada stands to receive more Pfizer doses in the next quarter than expected; a promising development for a country that has been grappling with vaccination shortages for weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today. The pharmaceutical giant will deliver That's 2. Trudeau said Pfizer deliveries previously earmarked juridiction the fourth quarter of have also been shifted earlier, meaning the New York-based company will be able to flow more shots to Canada over the summer months. Better days are ahead of us. Those additional doses will be arriving over the summer, he said. Pfizer and Moderna, the two leading suppliers of vaccines, have been fine tuning their operations moderne recent weeks to meet insatiable total demand with new COVID variants taking hold.

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What can you do with your hazardous household waste such as batteries, cooking oil, aerosols, paint, light bulbs, fertilizer, propane tanks, etc.? You can drop them off, free of charge, at the Mobile Eco-Depot, which visits the Dieppe Operations Centre Rufin Street several times throughout the year. Visitez le eco You can bring waste up to the equivalent of a half-ton truck and a utility trailer load.