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The Council offers a wide-ranging program of financial assistance and special services to artists and arts organizations. The Council is headed by a board consisting of 21 members, who are appointed by the Government of Canada. The board meets four times a year. Its decisions on policies, programs and other matters are implemented by a staff headed by a director and an associate director, both appointed by the Government of Canada. The Council also works in close cooperation with federal and provincial cultural agencies and with the Bureau of International Cultural Relations of the Department of External Affairs. The Council reports to Parliament through the Minister of Communications, and is called from time to time to appear before parliamentary committees, particularly the House of Commons Standing Committee on Communications and Culture. Its accounts are audited by the Auditor General of Canada and reported to Parliament. Annual grants from Parliament are the Council s main source of funds.

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While we accept that people have differences, including race, religion and disability, the Cadet Program can sometimes be unwelcoming to cadets who exhibit some of these characteristics. The Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention CHAP Program is great for building understanding, preventing problems and providing a process to deal with incidents when they do occur. However, being an inclusive program where all cadets can thrive requires us to find creative applications that go beyond the CHAP program. There can be challenges in meeting the diverse needs of people. Part 2 of this article in the next issue will offer specific suggestions for accommodating évident disabilities and religious beliefs, as well as discuss issues around gender and sexual orientation. The Act states that it is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of personal characteristics called protected grounds , which include race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual tendance, marital status, family status, disability and pardoned conviction. The duty to accommodate applies to regulations or practices that may not seem discriminatory but have an adverse impact, and those that are overtly discriminatory. In the cabane of the Cadet Program, it is unlikely that cadets will be turned away because of their religion argent a disability. However, it is likely that cadets will leave the organization if we fail to accommodate them.

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Executive Summary et Note Méthodologique B. Exhibition globale des écosystèmes africains C. Jugement détaillé des écosystèmes des pays focus en Afrique D. Présentation globale des écosystèmes asiatiques E. Présentation globale des écosystèmes d'amérique Latine F. Annexes : Description de l'écosystème des startups This document shall be treated as confidential. It has been compiled for the exclusive, internal use by our acheteur and is not complete without the underlying detail analyses and the buccal presentation. Roland Berger 2 3 A. Aujourd'hui, on part du principe combien l'entrepreneur est un voleur jusqu'à témoignage du contraire, ce qui explique le nombre de papiers et de garanties à fournir pour tout.